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Bentonite Clay Paste

When we returned from all of our holiday travels my son developed three blisters on his bottom that would not go away.  I tried everything!  I stripped diapers, I used mud dauber’s nest, I made diaper rash cream, and rewashed all of his linens.  I was not sure if the yeast he had suffered from a few weeks earlier had returned or if it were a simple diaper rash.  I was able to get the redness to go away, but not those three spots.  That’s when I had what I can now call, a brilliant idea.  Bentonite clay!

Bentonite clay is an amazing secret weapon, which is why I always keep some handy.  Derived from volcanic ash, this all-natural healing clay, produces an “electrical charge” when it is hydrated.  This charge gives it the ability to absorb and remove toxins from your body.  It is especially helpful in balancing gut bacteria and helping speed healing with certain skin problems.  For this reason I turned to it to help heal the tiny little wounds on my son’s bum that just would not go away.

My thinking was they were not healing because of the nature of their location–they were staying wet.  While you can use bentonite clay like you would baby powder, I opted to make a paste.  It offers more of a mask-like application so I can apply it directly to the blisters and help speed recovery to the area.  Immediately upon application I could tell he was feeling better and that the clay was helping to calm and soothe any irritation in the area.



  1. Combine bentonite clay and water in a small bowl.  Mix together until smooth.
  2. Add in 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and mix well.
  3. Transfer to container with lid (you do not want it to dry out)  Note:  The ratio to remember is 1 Tbsp water:1 Tbsp bentonite clay.  I wanted to make enough for every diaper change for a week.  This recipe made about 2 oz. of paste which I placed in an old glass jar. 
  4. Apply paste to the problem area.

After only one application of the clay I saw results.  While I never really doubted that it would help, I was extremely impressed by how quickly and effectively this paste worked.  The blisters practically cleared up overnight!  For what do you use your bentonite clay?  Have you ever tried it on a diaper rash?  What were the results?



  1. Hannah Avery says:

    Where do you buy Bentonite? Also, does the baby where the cloth diaper with it on? Also, does it wash easily out of cloth diapers?

  2. I usually buy it on Amazon or directly from Redmond Clay. The baby can wear cloth diapers with it on. It washes out as easily as anything else that goes in a diaper. :) It also easily washes off of baby.

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