FREE Nursing Pillow from Mother’s Lounge ($40 Value)!

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Attention all nursing mothers!  I have a great deal for you.  Why?  Not only is for an amazing product that all mothers need, but it is free!  Now that is exciting news if you ask me.

I would have been lost without my nursing pillow when my son was born.  I used it to feed him, to cuddle him, to soothe him, and to sit him up when that time arrived.  It is definitely on my “must-have” list when it comes to preparing for any new arrival!  Now you have a chance to get one for your very own!


Order your own FREE Nursing Pillow from Mother’s Lounge with promo code VDAY2013.  This code, brought to exclusively by Whey Beyond the Naked Truth, will take off $39.95 on the price of the pillow, leaving you to pay ONLY the shipping cost of $12.95.  Now that is a great deal!  Just remember, this promo is for a limited time only.

You may remember Mother’s Lounge for the other amazing products they offer, including Udder Covers and Seven Slings.  My nursing cover was another fabulous find that I would have been lost without, and I just adored my sling.  That is why I am excited to say that in addition to your chance to get a free nursing pillow, here is your opportunity to grab a free nursing cover, sling, and carseat canopy as well!  It truly is a day for savings!

These items make great gifts as well so spread the word to all your friends!  Happy shopping and congratulations–always!



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