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Fluff Haul

It is no secret that I went through a fluffy fluff, fluff phase.  I was determined to grow my stash, so I did.  While it is a great stash, as a lover of the fluff, I have never stopped looking for good deals on cloth diapers.  There is always room to grow!  As I browse through the fluff in the cloth diapering world there are always a few that catch my eye, but there are some that have been sitting on my wish list since I first learned the difference between a pocket diaper and an AIO!

These diapers come highly recommended from other moms and bloggers, so if I ever get the chance to use one I will jump at the opportunity:

  1. Ragababe.  At some point I have to figure out what all of the fuss it about.  I am particularly interested in their AIO and Organic 2-Step Diaper.
  2. Rumparooz.  I have heard nothing but good things about these diapers, and am in love with the vibrant colors and adorable prints.
  3. Charlie Banana.  I am fascinated and a little intimidated by the front pocket, but I have been eying these since reading a review by Autumn from All About Cloth Diapers.
  4. Lil Joey.  I love a diaper that will grow with a baby, but there is something about these newborn diapers that keeps calling to me.
  5. Swaddlebees.  There are so many cute prints available I would not even know where to begin if I did get the chance to buy one.  Wow.

Other items on my cloth diapering wish list include bumGenius Diaper Sprayer, Rumparooz Hemp 6R Soakers, wool diaper soakers, wool dryer balls, and a wetbag from Monkey Foot Designs.  Of course, my wish list would not be complete if I did not mention my love of Blissful Booty Perfect Pockets–in any print!  I just finished telling my husband that I was battling the urge to add to our stash.  I hope to be adding some pink diapers soon, but if that proves not to be the case it would be nice to have just a few more on hand so I can stop doing laundry so much! 

What’s on your cloth diaper wish list?


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